Customers have said

Hi Nigel it would be great if you can pick up the bike tomorrow i will leave the garage open it is my winter bike the 1 you put the free front mudguard on regards spencer.

Hi Nigel. Just had thw bike out for a spin and running well. Do you still have the worn old wheels? Because I can use the magnet for another bike computer. Thanks Colin.

Thanks Nig. The bike is fantastic. Gave it a good going for 90 mins on the turbo last night without any problems. It looks amazing and I am absolutely thrilled to bits. Si.

Bike's fab....thanks Nigel!! Sally

Paid via PayPal. Sorry you had to chase me! thank you for your help. Emma

Many thanks again and please leave some cards for me to give to friends. Sam

Hi Nigel, the bikes went a dream on hols, thanks for getting them sorted in time. Need a bit of cleaning now tho! Will call re parts soon. When is good to catch you? Neale

Thanks for efficient service, Invoice paid this morning. Neil


Took part on Don Lock's funeral procession yesterday. Would feel a voyer taking photo's but it was a 'moving' tribute. Not around for service (I would have liked to have heard what consolation we could take from this senseless taking of a valued  life) on account of helping my 83 year old friend (paying his respects to an old cycling adversary) cycle back  to Worthing!