Knowing how to maintain your bicycle can help you avoid extra repair bills and keep your bicycle operating at its best.

We can show you how to keep your bicycle in top condition, with simple checks to make sure things are running as they should. Even if you rely on the bike shop or us, your Dad  or enthusiastic 'amateur' (?!) to fix your bicycle, there are a few things you should know. Such as how to remove and re-fit a wheel and tyre, mend punctures, adjust gears so that they index accurately (move the chain onto the next cog when selected), adjust the brakes so the pads don't rub when they're 'off' or squeal when they're 'on'.

The easiest way to get hands-on  experience is to spend some time with us at one of our classes where you will be shown how it's done by an accredited mechanic.

Choose between either an Intensive or Foundation course. Beginners are welcome to either but if you have some eperience you may find the Foundation Course too basic.