Collection & Delivery Services

Choose what is more convenient to you:-

  • We will come to you (home, office or wherever) take your bike away and return it when ready
  • Bring your bike to us and collect it when it is ready (by prior appointment only)
  • Quick jobs while you wait (by prior appointment)
  • Bring it to us (by prior appointment) and we will deliver it back to you.

The scope of any service work is agreed before we start after checking the condition of each bike when we receive it.  On most occasions we can give you an exact price before we begin but sometimes additional un-forseen work may arise. In all cases we we are open with you and what we believe is best for you and your bike be this a standard service option or stand-alone job. 

Our collection/delivery charges are £7 for journeys within the Worthing area, £11 for journeys up to 10 miles and £16 for journeys up to 15 miles (all subject to a minimum service charge of £10 representing 1/2h labour charge).

Each bike is normally returned with a printed or e-invoice detailing all the work carried out and charges incurred.