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Standard service packages are:-

Safety & Inspection - £12 [bike MOT]

Basic - £25 [recommended for newer bikes or low useage]

Standard - £45 [recommended twice a year on bikes used regularly]

Premium - £85 [recommended for high mileage bike useage or when you want your bike to have that 'new bike feeling']

Apart from our service packages we can pretty much undertake any work on a bike. Please contact us for details. Among the services we regularly carry out are the following:-

Puncture repairs: from £5   Gear re-indexing: £6  Brake re-alignment: £6 Fitting new bottom bracket: £15 Fitting a new headset: £25 Headset service: £15 Swapping a cassette / freewheel: £6 Fitting a chain: £7.50 Wheel truing: £10 per wheel Wheel building: £30 Hub service: from £14 Fitting bar tape: £12 Fitting an old groupset & wheels onto a new frame (& vice versa) ,or, build up of a new frame and components: £60

Bought a bike on the internet? We can assemble to the relevant British standard or it might not warrant this, so charges start from £15.

We are 'open' for servicing / repairs from 8am  to 6 pm Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sundays subject to availability as Saturdays are normally training days, and Sundays riding days. Please use the 'Contact' page to email (or text)  a message 24/7.